Controls are an essential part of any heating system as they create your environment in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. This means ensuring that your system only operates when required and for the minimum period of time.

There are various methods of doing this but all are managed by your control system with various levels of integration between the heating zone, heat source and outside temperature. The control system must be accurate and sophisticated as well as easy to use! Room temperature control for underfloor heating is measured by ambient room temperature controllers that are located in each zone. These are linked to the local manifold wiring centre.

InvaHeat provides a wide variety of controls to fit every scenario, whether it is wired, wireless or networked.

The majority of our room thermostats are designed to be flush mounted, resulting in a slim profile on the wall after installation. We offer a variety of options from wired and wireless to fully networked systems, with the option to control via our central control pad.


Joule Touchscreen Thermostat

The top right button is where you program in your…

Wi Fi Smart

Each NEO thermostat acts as a repeater on the NEO…