Pipe Options

Underfloor Heating pipes

InvaHeat has a range of piping solutions no matter what floor type or space you are working with.

InvaHeats’ Pert/Al/Pert and Pert pipe is manufactured using latest technology. InvaHeats’ underfloor heating pipe types have a high flexibility and a good abrasion resistance to tough onsite conditions with both pipe types withstanding high pressure and temperature changes. InvaHeat UFH piping provides a reliability which makes it the first choice for radiant heating installations.

To complement each pipe types and ensure that both can be fitted correctly, InvaHeat offers a wide range of accessories – pipe conduit, rapid rails, a range of pipe clip sizes, staple guns and pipe bends.

Our UFH pipe range:

  • Pert/Al/Pert UFH Pipe – 12 x 2mm. 16 x 2mm
  • Pert UFH Pipe – 12 x 2mm. 16 x 2mm

For installers InvaHeat offers pipe de-coilers for all pipe coil sizes – please speak to our sales team for more details.


5 layer pert

5 Layer Pert

The layers of adhesive binds the two layers of cross…

5 layer pert

Pert Al Pert

The pipe comes in coils ranging from 50 meters to…