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InvaHeat design and supply underfloor heating systems to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and can offer ‘in-house’ and ‘on-site’ support.

We offer a number of fixing systems for use with screeded, floating or joisted floors. We supply pipework, room temperature and water temperature controls. Our materials are complemented by a full planning, design and technical service.

Joule have developed a wide ranging portfolio of solutions for heating and hot water systems. So whether it’s a heat pump, underfloor heating or our industry leading ‘smartplumb’ range of pre-plumbed cylinders, Joule have a solution for you.

Underfloor for every application

InvaHeat can provide a bespoke design for each and every project. We stock a wide range of underfloor pipe fixing systems designed to work with any type of floor construction.

Underfloor heating can be installed within a variety of different floor constructions. The different floor constructions comprise of solid screed floors, suspended floors and floating floors. Here you will find an overview of the systems available for different project types.

Why Underfloor Heating?

Warmth & Comfort
Underfloor heating warms up a room using radiant heat and this is more comfortable than heating a room by air alone, as you do with radiators. We get a similar feeling of comfort from the sun.

Renewable heat is easier to produce efficiently at low water temperatures. Underfloor heating uses low temperature water leaving an ideal match with renewable energy heat sources.

InvaHeat’s products are designed specifically to work at low water temperatures, improving the efficiency of the heat pump, reducing running costs and saving you money.

Well Being
Underfloor heating provides a balanced level of radiant heat and air warming. If the heating is provided by high air temperatures this can dry the skin and eyes. Warming the floor reduces the occurrence of dust mites that cause allergies.

Our Products


A range of piping options is available for our underfloor heating systems with the right performance characteristics for every location and requirement

Underfloor Solutions

With a large number of proven fixing systems on the market; InvaHeat can provide a solution for all situations.


InvaHeat provides a wide variety of controls to fit every scenario, whether it is wired, wireless or networked.


InvaHeat offers a full indemnified design and CAD service . Professional CAD drawings will be supplied with every system detailing all circuit information & manifold positions.